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VigRX Oil Review

Overview | How It Works | Ingredients | The Bottom Line

1. Overview

vigrx oilVigRX Oil is one more top-class natural topical male enhancement product manufactured under the well-known brand.

This oil is intended for men who aspire to attain and sustain firmer erections almost instantly without a necessity to take any pills or undergo some unpleasant procedures.

This topical product easily reaches the targeted places; that is, penile tissues.

That’s why it guarantees fast results.

This non-prescription performance enhancer is water-based.

It’s comprised of different herbal extracts, the potency and safety of which were thoroughly investigated.

The combination of traditional herbs and advanced technologies enabled the manufacturer to create a well-working male performance booster available in the oil form.

The application of this oil brings the following benefits:

  • Increased hardness and rigidity of erections
  • Much shorter time needed for getting an erection
  • Intense sexual arousal
  • Trouble-free penetration
  • Spontaneous sexual intercourses
  • Endurance enhancement
  • Improvement of sexual satisfaction
  • Possibility of use as a non-sticky lubricant

The product is fully compatible with condoms and even safe for oral sex.
VigRX Oil can be purchased using their Official Site.


2. How It Works

This oil works by using the transdermal delivery system. It implies the necessity to apply the oil topically to the penis.

This ensures a straightforward oil penetration into the penile tissues.

On the contrary to the pills, there is no need to wait till the ingredients bypass the digestive tract. Direct absorption gives almost instant effects.

Thus, according to a survey, for 73% of men who applied this oil, 1 minute and even less was enough to experience a strong erection.


3. Ingredients

The oil is packed with a range of all-natural herbal ingredients which are proven to be safe and highly beneficial for male sexual potency. They are as follows:

  • Epimedium Leaf. This plant is responsible for the enhancement of sex drive and the improvement of sexual performance.
  • Cuscuta Seed. This ingredient brings the man’s sexual potency to a higher level in a harmless way.
  • Ginkgo Biloba. This herb was widely used in Chinese medicine. It copes with low sex drive and enhances sexual function in men.
  • Asian Red Ginseng. This plant is one of the best researched ingredients which increase bedroom performance and boost sperm count.
  • Muira Pauma. It’s a great natural remedy that cures erectile dysfunction.
  • Catuaba Bark. This active substance can effectively overcome the issue of low libido.
  • Hawthorne Berry. This plant strengthens circulatory system and hence improves erectile function and endurance.

The top-notch oil doesn’t contain colourings, flavourings, and any other synthetic active substances. Since there are no chemicals in the formula, this oil is suitable for the application to each skin type.

4. The Bottom Line

VigRX Oil belongs to the most potent topical male enhancement solution available on the market now. This product is fully natural and doesn’t require a prescription. It’s easily and quickly absorbed into the skin.

The risk of any negative effects to health is minimal because the oil formula of superior quality is well thought-out. The oil formula is backed with the positive results of many researches. There are also no artificial ingredients in the product.

And this increases the oil safety level. Anyway, before applying the oil, make sure that this product will not cause an allergic reaction.

The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee valid for 60 days, as well as provides free shipping within the continental US.



About the Author:
Robert Williams, Director of Content at Men’s Solutions, has researched over 100 male enhancement pills and ED drugs. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.