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VigFX Review

VigFXVigFX is one of the newest and the most effective male enhancement supplements which don’t contain synthetic active substances.

This overpowering pill is irreplaceable for men who aspire to overcome dissatisfaction with own bedroom performance.

Soft VigFX gelcaps are easy to take. Enteric coating prevents the pill components from dissolution in stomach.

Due to this, the ingredients reach the small intestine and start actively working there.

By the way, the bioavailability rate of the pills without enteric coating is just 15%, while this top-notch supplement has an exclusive bioavailability of 80% to 90%. That is what distinguishes this pill from the other male enhancers which overfill the market.

The use of maximum absorption technology ensures the highest efficacy of supplementation. It will allow you to unlock your sexual potential and recharge your sex life.
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VigFX supplementation offers you the range of undisputed advantages:

  • A huger and fuller erection
  • Incredible sex drive
  • Great stamina and endurance
  • Impressive virile strength
  • Decreased time needed for recovery between sexual intercourses
  • Bright orgasms
  • Restored bedroom satisfaction
  • Rebuilt self-esteem


Clinical Trial Findings

The supplement formula is thoroughly well thought-out and researched.

The triple-blind randomized study was conducted to prove that the pill is really able to give a boost to male sexual performance. The study lasted for 84 days.

The Globally Recognized International Index of Erectile Function was used to evaluate the improvement of erectile function and libido in the study participants.

The study results were very promising:

  • The men increased the ability to hold a strong and full erection by 62.82%
  • Penetration became 58.97% easier
  • Orgasms became 22.49% more frequent and brighter
  • The men achieved 71.43% better sexual satisfaction
  • Libido improvement rate reached 47.00%
  • Overall enhancement of sex life reached 61.00%

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When Expect the Results

The supplementation with this highly advanced pill leads to dramatic positive changes in male sexual activity.

3 months are enough to see the very noticeable results which are backed with plausible clinical trials.

The changes occur gradually.

One Month
At the end of one-month supplementation, the erect penis size considerably increases. Due to the action of the pill ingredients, two penile chambers enlarge and hence can contain much more blood when the man is sexual aroused.

Two Months
After two-month supplementation, the manhood circumference increases. Sexual stamina and sex drive also grow right before the men’s eyes. That’s why the men are now able to supercharge their sex life.

Three Months
The men experience all the positive pill effects to the greatest extent after three-month supplementation. This will help bring sexual activity in men to a much higher level.

The Bottom Line

VigFX is an innovative power-packed male enhancement product of natural origin.

It’s an excellent alternative for everyone who wants to repair erectile function and cope with insufficient sexual desire without using prescription medications and undergoing unpleasant surgical procedures.

The pill intake results in visual increase in erect penis size, better penile rigidity, enhanced sex drive and stamina, intense orgasms, and improved intercourse satisfaction.

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