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ProSolution Gel

Overview | How It Works | Ingredients | The Bottom Line

1. Overview

ProSolution Gel is an exclusive non-prescription topical gel which performs the function of a lubricant.

The lube was invented for men who aspire to bring the erection quality to a higher level and boost bedroom performance. And the gel does this on contact with the skin of penis.

An advanced natural product formula was created with the use of vitamins, amino acids, aphrodisiacs, and herbal components. The gel ingredients are well-researched. That’s why they are safe and effective.

When applying the lube to the penis, it’s possible to expect the following effects:

  • Immediate firm erections
  • Visual penis enlargement in the erect state
  • More intense arousal
  • Increased sexual stamina and endurance
  • Rebuilt self-esteem
  • Absence of numbing effect for women

The long-term use of this gel offers men additional benefits. The long-term lube application normalizes nutritional and hormonal balance, as well as relieves harmful effects of stress which lead to insufficient erections and low sexual stamina.

This high-quality lubricant is condom compatible and doesn’t cause inconveniences during the application.
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2. How It Works

For giving a boost to bedroom performance, it’s necessary to put a small amount of gel on the penis and gently massage all over the shaft of penis. Due to the work on contact, the lube takes effect almost instantly.

The mechanism of gel action implies the intensification of nitric oxide secretion in men.

When the concentrations of this molecule are high, the penile smooth muscles relax and the blood vessels dilate. It means that more blood can flow to the genital area.

Consequently, the man restores his ability to get a hard erection, while sexual vigor and stamina improve.

The lube ensures absorption through the skin and hence direct delivery of the active substances to the penis.

The ingredients start working without the need to waste time for bypassing the digestive system. That’s why this process takes very little time. In many cases, this product can successfully replace the male enhancement prescription medications, the price for which is very high.

Besides the instant improvement of sexual performance, the gel copes with nutritional imbalance, maintains hormonal health, and eases the symptoms of stress-induced impairment of erectile function in men.

The everyday application of gel to the penis for 2-3 months will enable the man to take advantage of both short-term and long-term effects of this product.
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3. Ingredients

The ingredients available in the product formula are combined in a way that guarantees a synergistic action. The gel is packed with the following top-notch science-backed ingredients:

L-Arginine. This amino acid is the major ingredient in the formula. It naturally elevates nitric oxide levels. Due to this, the men can have solid erections.

Aloe Vera. This ingredient accelerates and facilitates absorption of the other lube ingredients.

Bearberry Extract. This extract protects urinary tract and helps ease the symptoms of urinary diseases. It also enhances male sexual function.

Algae Extract. This ingredient makes the penile skin more elastic and supple, promoting better gel absorption.

Mango Butter. It’s a well-working lubricant. This butter also has a great aphrodisiac potential and revives sexual potency in men.

Menthol. The ingredient warms and stimulates the genital area, as well as helps the men last in bed as long as they and their partners need.

Vitamin C. The vitamin increases sex drive, reduces the time needed for rest between sexual intercourses, and makes sexual activity more frequent.
The gel doesn’t contain any unsafe petrochemical ingredients.

4. The Bottom Line

ProSolution Gel is in the list of the most potent intimate topical gels which make erections more solid and longer lasting, restore sex drive, and enhance sexual vigor and stamina.

These effects improve mutual bedroom satisfaction, helping both men and women benefit from gel application. Since the gel acts topically, it takes effect very quickly.

The ingredients present in the product formula were carefully investigated during numerous clinical trials. They have confirmed that these ingredients are really safe and effective.
The healthcare professionals recommend this gel as a reliable natural sexual performance booster.

The availability of money-back guarantee helps the customers feel completely protected for 67 days. So, if the customers are dissatisfied with the product quality and/or efficacy, they are sure to be refunded.
ProSolution Gel can be purchased using their Official Site.
Click Here to Order ProSolution Gel Now

About the Author:
Robert Williams, Director of Content at Men’s Solutions, has researched over 100 male enhancement pills and ED drugs. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.