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ProSolution Pills: Extra Blood In Your Penis

What makes ProSolution™ Pills different is that it addresses both the physical AND psychological aspects of sex drive and erection quality…

…So while other formulations are little more than nitric-oxide boosters that pump blood into your penis, the ProSolution™ Pills formulation has evolved into a truly sophisticated, all-round male virility enhancer.

It’s for men who want MORE than just some extra blood in their penis!

NEW & IMPROVED Formulation Now Includes:

Korean Ginseng (NEW) – Proven In Multiple Clinical Studies!
Dramatically increases erection rigidity, thickness, libido, erection function, and overall sexual satisfaction in men with erectile dysfunction.

(The Journal Of Urology, Volume 168; Issue 5 – Nov. 2002; International Journal of Impotency Research, 1995 Sep; 7(3): 181-06)
Butea Superba (NEW) – Works For 82.5% Of Men In Clinical Trial!
Clinical trial shows it works for 82.5% of men suffering with erectile dysfunction to produce a significant improvement in their sexual function, libido, and quality of their sexual experiences.

(Asian Journal of Androl 2003 Sep; 5: 243-246)
Solidilin™ (RECENT ADDITION) – Increases Feelings Of Pleasure!
This trademarked compound has been proven in numerous studies to increase sex drive, plus it contains L-Dopa – a precursor to dopamine, which increases feelings of pleasure.

(Study by School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Malaysia)
Drilizen™ (RECENT ADDITION) – Helps Boost Testosterone Levels!
Contains the active ingredient ‘protodioscin’, which helps boost testosterone levels. Drilizen™ also helps to increase nitric oxide levels, to improve erection hardness, stamina, and control.

(Study by School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Malaysia)
Cordycyps – Boosted Sex Drive For 62% Of Participants!
Has a significant and positive effect on men’s overall desire for sex; proven in two independent human trials to boost sex drive in 62-65% of participants.

(J. Administration Traditional Chinese Med 1995; 5(suppl):23-24; Traditional Chinese Patented Medicine 1988; 9:29-31)
Curculigo – Improves Erection Quality & Frequency!
Traditionally used an aphrodisiac, medical science is now backing what men throughout Asia have known for centuries – it has a significant impact on erection quality, sex drive, & shortens time between erections.

(Fitoterapia, Volume 78, Issues 7-8, Dec 2007, 530-534.)