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The Best Penis Pumps of 2019

best penis pumps

Penis pumps were initially developed to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

But then it was found out that the devices also have a substantial influence on the manhood measurements.

Actually, penis enlargement is possible only if penile tissues, blood vessels, and corpus cavernosum function flawlessly and simultaneously.

It means that they can be effectively filled with blood to produce a firm and strong erection.

The penis pumps are aimed at all aspects which promote the manhood growth.

Due to this, the penis length, circumference, and rigidity are sure to please you.

If you aspire to get the most out of the device, you shouldn’t rely just on the pumping sessions.

Thus, you have to firstly amend you lifestyle. And if you combine the lifestyle changes with the regular pumping sessions, you will achieve the greatest success.


2019’s Best Penis Pump: Hydromax X-Series

best penis pumps

HydroMax X-Series belongs to the new generation of cutting-edge penis pumps of superior quality.

These devices outcompeted the other pumps manufactured nowadays due to the use of the latest technologies and compliance with the highest industry standards.

In this device, the manufacturer replaced air with water to create a tight seal against the man’s body.

A 60-day return period is provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the highest customer satisfaction is what you get by using its hydro pumps.

So, if something goes wrong during the use of the device, you are free to return the product to the manufacturer. And nobody will even ask you why.

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#2 Bathmate

penis pumps review

Bathmate penis pumps are in the list of the best-working top-class water-based devices in their realm. Since the launch to the market in 2006, more than a million of happy men have become the owners of such an exclusive pump. This branded device is produced by the well-established manufacturer. This pump was created as a first manhood pump for the beginners who need a simple but yet effective device.

Using water instead of air, this device guarantees a high efficacy with a very low probability of causing harm to the user’s penis. The users don’t feel pain and discomfort during pumping sessions which should last for approximately 15 minutes. Generation of adequate but delicate pressure encourages blood to fill the penis and makes the penile tissues expand.

This device is used to lengthen and thicken the manhood without any surgical procedures. The enlargement is possible in both flaccid and erect state. In addition, the device helps cope with the impairment of erectile function, enabling the man to attain an erection much quicker. This pump effect is even scientifically supported.

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#3 Penomet

penis enlargement pumps

Penomet is a highly advanced water-based penis pump which successfully keeps one of the leading positions in the penis enlargement industry. Uniqueness of the pump features, as well as doctors’ endorsements give the users an opportunity to achieve the results they expect in quite a short period of time and without any surgeries.

The device features high performance and first-rate quality which were rightly appraised by the pump industry professionals. That’s why the device received a few significant awards in its realm.

Hydro pump uses water to create suction needed to force blood to the penis. This enables the users to evenly increase the manhood size and at the same time to avoid any penile injuries. The application of this pump is highly effective due to the availability of 5 interchangeable gaiters, 360° pressure release valve, and easy-to-use measurement scale.

The device is targeted on men who don’t wish to undergo any surgery, but still want to elongate the penis, as well as to make it thicker. Testimonials indicate that these results can be even preserved. Also, the pump proved to be helpful to the men who have weak erections, early ejaculations, and Peyronie’s disease.

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Why It Is Reasonable to Use Penis Pumps

It’s advisable to practice pumping by means of the penis pumps for combating the impairment of erectile function if:

  • You can’t attain a solid erection by yourself in order to have a trouble-free sexual encounter
  • You have contraindications to undergoing prescription pharmaceutical ED treatment
  • You aspire to avoid side effects which often accompany the use of synthetic anti-impotence medications
  • You are afraid of painful ED-fixing procedures and surgeries
  • You have unsatisfactory experience of using the other ED-curing techniques
  • You don’t wish to pay extra money for the over advertised branded anti-impotence remedies
  • Your healthcare provider considers the penis pumps a worthy complementary instrument which will strengthen the effects of the major therapy and help fight ED much quicker
  • Your doctor recommends the pump as a part of restorative treatment which follows the prostate surgical procedures and/or prostate cancer radiotherapy.

Potential Pumping Risks

It should be emphasized that the penis pumps from the reliable manufacturers are harmless. But still some potential pumping risks exist. And you shouldn’t forget about them if you want to use the pumping devices. The most common risks include:

  • Bleeding: Manhood pumping and simultaneous pharmaceutical treatment with anticoagulants are incompatible. The matter that together both of these methods lead to the development of bleeding. In particular, don’t use Warfarin and Clopidogrel during the manhood pumping course.
  • Blood Clot Formation: The probability of clotting is quite high in men who have a diagnosed sickle cell anemia or who suffer from other vascular medical conditions. The medications which the men take for curing these disorders accelerate clotting during pumping.
  • Unexpected Contraindications: In some cases, the complications may emerge suddenly. This may happen if the men suffer from medical conditions but don’t consider them when deciding to use the penis pumps.


Adverse Effects

The men who cure ED with penis pumps may face some adverse effects. They are as follows:

  • Petechiae. This most common adverse effect is a result of capillary bleeding under the skin of penis. Petechiae look like very small red dots on the skin.
  • Numbness and/or Blue-colored Skin. These sensation and appearance are temporary. They may appear if the constriction band impedes penile blood circulation.
  • Hematomas and Pain. The man may experience these symptoms if he doesn’t abide by the device usage guidelines.
  • Painful Ejaculation. Penis pumps may cause some difficulties with ejaculation accompanied with discomfort and even pain. There are the constriction rings with small notches. They prevent such a problem.

What Else to Consider

The men should also be ready for:

  • Unusual Erections. The men may have sensations which differ from those they have when natural erection occurs. Thus, a lack of penile rigidity at the root of penis is possible.
  • Feeling of Uneasiness. To avoid embarrassment, the man should be calm and patient. The partner should also give the man emotional support in order to decrease his psychological distress.
  • Necessity to Use Hands. To properly use a device, the man and/or his partner may need to show good manual dexterity skills. Visual impairment, poor manual dexterity, and some disabilities can make it difficult to relieve ED symptoms with the penis pump.

Must-Do List before Starting Treatment

Before the man purchases and starts using any penis pump, he has to obligatorily take steps listed below:

  • Get a Diagnosis. Not the man by himself but the doctor has to make a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and find out the disorder reasons.
  • Visit Appropriate Professionals. The man should firstly seek for medical advice of highly professional urologist. Also, the patient should treat underlying condition if he has any.
  • Undergo Physical Examination. Typically, the doctor has to determine how cardiovascular system and urogenital system function. A digital rectal examination may also be required to make sure that prostate gland works well.
  • Create Treatment Plan. The doctor will help the patient to develop a treatment plan and decide whether it’s reasonable to include the use of penis pump to this plan.

The patient has to inform the doctor about:

  • All the past and current diseases regardless of whether they are related to urogenital system or not.
  • Penile, testicular, and/or prostatic injuries and/or surgeries the man has ever had.
  • Any pharmacological therapy the man undergoes.
  • Any natural supplements the man takes.
  • Any experience of taking ED medications and the results of therapy.

Even if the man has been already diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, he shouldn’t ignore the necessity to consult the doctor.

The Choice of Device

There are the penis pumps which don’t require any prescription. But the patient should discuss his intention to buy such a device with his doctor.

The doctor can help the patient choose the most suitable penis pump, depending on severity of erectile dysfunction and the man’s overall health. Also, the doctor can advise the most trustworthy manufacturers of such devices.

The penis pumps purchased from the doubtful manufacturers may be useless and even threaten the health of men.

The top-notch penis pump must have vacuum limiter. This ensures maximum safety while using the device. A possibility to regulate the suction power helps avoid penile injuries.

Pubic hair removal is recommended to prevent discomfort and pain while wearing a constriction ring and using a device.

Does Penis Pump Mean a Penis Extender?

There is much information on the internet, convincing the men that a penis pump is a penis extender. Advertisements state that these devices can effectively serve the purpose of penis lengthening.

But there are no facts and results of clinical trials which can prove such an effect of using the penis pumps.

Unintended use of the device in order to make penis grow is fraught with negative consequences, such as penile injuries.

Only the proper use of device is safe for men.

How to Use the Device

The sequence of steps for the use of penis pump is easy to follow. It’s required to:

  • Put the penis in acrylic cylinder.
  • Utilize hand or battery-powered pumping mechanism. Vacuum works by improving penile blood circulation.
  • Apply constriction ring after the occurrence of erection. This ring doesn’t let the erection to disappear.
  • Put the penis pump off.

As a result, the man attains the erection which enables him to have a satisfying sexual intercourse.

It’s not recommended to use the constriction ring for a long time. The time of use shouldn’t exceed half an hour. Otherwise, the blood circulation will be impaired. And this will negatively affect the penile tissues, causing penile injuries.

Expected Results

The penis pump is not a medication or a tool that can fix the impairment of erectile function by itself only. But it’s possible to use this device as an effective method for adjunctive treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The man who applies such a device is sure to attain and sustain a firm erection. It’s necessary to use the penis pump if the doctor thinks it will help decrease ED symptoms in a particular patient.

Penis Pump Options

It’s possible to find a variety of penis pump options which have own features and advantages. These devices are able to satisfy the demands of discerning users in dependence on their requirements.

There are two main penis pump options:

Air-based pumps

Initially, all the pumps which were introduced to the market functioned due to the force of air inside the devices. The matter is that there is only air in these pumps. And when it’s sucked out of the device, the vacuum force is applied to the manhood.

The simplicity of the work of such devices is obvious. However, these pumps have some downsides. Thus, the development of blisters is one of the most widespread downsides. The injuries of blood vessels may happen as well.

When it comes to the use of air-based pumps, the most difficult thing is to control the vacuum force.

Hydro pumps

This type of pumps was invented and went on sale approximately 10 years ago. Hydro pumps are now hitting record sale numbers since these devices are very safe and effective.

In this case, vacuum force in not applied to stimulate blood circulation in the manhood. Thus, water is used instead of air in order to generate required tension force.

This ensures better uniformity of device work since air pockets don’t form in the water-based pumps. As for the air-based pumps, air pockets are a frequent problem for this type of devices.

Hydro pumps allow easy regulation of force applied to the penis and hence protect men against injuries.

The type of operation also lets us distinguish the following pumps:

Manual pumps

This type of pumps is the most widespread one among the men. The users give preference to such pumps since their safety and high quality are proved by medical experts and research findings. Usually, the design of these devices remains unchanged. However, the materials used for manufacturing these pumps are constantly evolving to provide the best customer experience.

The prices for such devices are affordable. Also, there is no need for purchasing batteries or staying in the bathroom to perform the pumping sessions. So, manual pumps ideally suit the beginners’ needs.

Battery powered pumps

As the name suggests, the operation of such pumps is possible only due to the action of batteries. Because of this, such devices require little time for generating sufficient vacuum. Therefore, the users reach pumping goals much faster. But it should be noted that the probability of exerting excessive force is quite high. That’s why the injuries are possible.

This type of pumps is recommended to middle-aged and old men. The patients with musculoskeletal disorders and coordination disorders also find these devices very convenient. The matter is that such patients can have the pumping sessions without applying manual skills.

What Penis Pump Is

Penis pump is a kind of non-pharmaceutical and non-supplemental erectile dysfunction curing methods. Penis pumps are often regarded as vacuum erection devices. On the one hand, this device is quite easy-to-use, while on the other hand it represents the most revolutionary technologies in ED treatment realm.
A typical manhood pump first of all includes a tube that has to accurately suit the man’s penis measurements. There is also a ring or seal which the man should place around the member base. To activate the pumps, it’s usually necessary to use a plunger. This plunger can be both hand-powered and battery powered. And its action is what makes the penis erect.
Penis pumps are worth considering if you have mild or moderate impairment of erectile function. These devices maximally satisfy the users’ needs in case of healing moderate ED. The pumps are slightly less effective in men with mild ED. If you suffer from severe ED, the pumps are unfortunately unlikely to help you. And in this situation, the doctor’s assistance is a must, while the pumps can only become the auxiliary options.

Pump Use Instructions

The application of penis pumps can be encumbering initially. But when the men start using the device, they understand that there is nothing difficult at all.
It’s necessary to put the device tube over the member. When doing this, it’s advisable to apply lubricant in order to protect delicate penile skin against chafing and irritation.
Then you should switch on the device if you have the battery-powered one. If not, use your hand to create vacuum in the device. When the vacuum force is enough, engorgement of penile blood vessels happens. This leads to the intense blood inflow to the manhood. As a result, you will have to wait just several minutes till you attain a desirable erection.
When you feel that your erection has already become satisfactory, you can put away the device tube. And after this, you will be absolutely ready for foreplay and sexual encounter.
As you can see, the procedure of using penis pumps can’t cause difficulties and quickly brings the desirable effects.

Is It Worth Applying a Penis Ring?

The majority of innovative penis pumps imply the availability of a construction ring. It’s necessary to place this ring at the manhood base. The manufacturer supplies the pump kit with such a ring in order the man could hold blood in the penis. When there is no blood outflow from the member, it’s possible to sustain a firm erection.
When you achieve the wanted erection, you may put the constriction ring around the manhood base and after this pull off the device tube. You can leave the constriction ring in the unchanged position for a while. But this time shouldn’t exceed half an hour. Otherwise, the impediment of blood circulation in the manhood may happen. And this will hit a blow to the penis health.
So, if you choose one of the penis pumps with the constriction ring, you should be very careful.

Penis Pumps and ED Relief

Penis pumps are the well-working systems intended for the creation of erections in men who suffer from erectile disability. These devices really perform this function. They cause an erection which can last up to half an hour. But the erection persistence may vary in different men. There are the men who prefer pumping before foreplay, while the others apply it right before sex.
In general, manhood pumping copes with the task of supporting erectile function in men. If you have mild-to-moderate difficulty with getting and maintaining erections, you are sure to feel the difference just after the first pumping session. The erection you finally get will be quite enough to satisfy your and your partner’s sexual needs and desires. So, the pumps can really ensure ED relief in an effortless way.
Also, many users of penis pumps report that the regular pumping sessions greatly assisted them in boosting their ability to restore the erection naturalness. Since the erections become more natural, these men feel much more satisfaction from their sex life.

Other Advantages of Penis Pumps

Safety level of penis pumps is typically high. There are no reports of adverse reactions caused by these devices. And the pumps also don’t lead to the occurrence of adverse reactions with which the intake of ED drugs is typically fraught. In addition, there are no invasions which are inevitable when you insert penile implants or undergo surgery for ED treatment.
The purchase of a manhood pump will not cost an arm and a leg in the long-term. The matter is that the regular necessity to buy ED medications or any other curing tools will really cost a bomb comparing to a penis device. As for the pump, you can apply it for a large number of times without a need to spend any additional penny.
Also, the use of penis pumps is extremely advantageous because there is an opportunity of applying pumping devices in the combination with the pharmaceutical ED therapy. And this combination is not fraught with a probability of contraindications and other health risks which are very frequent during the use of several ED medications at the same time.
In addition, the medical experts quite often recommend the men to use the pumps after undergoing a prostate surgical procedure or after curing prostate cancer by means of radiation therapy. In both cases, pumping is effective for regaining a possibility to have and maintain rigid erections required for completing a sexual intercourse.

Probability of Penis Pump Side Effects

The internationally renowned manufacturers of the well-working branded penis pumps carry out the manufacturing process in full compliance with all safety and quality standards. That’s why you can be absolutely sure of high safety level of such intimate devices.
However, you should realize the extreme importance of abiding by the usage instructions, which the manufacturer obligatorily provides for each pump. If you use the device in the right way, the probability of pump-associated side effects is minimal. Even if you use the pump many times per day, it’s absolutely safe in case of complete adherence to the user guidelines. And the regular pumping will contribute to the ease of ED manifestations in men.
But if you ignore the rules of using penis pumps, there is a high risk of generating excessive air pressure. Being in the pump tube, this pressure may damage the delicate manhood tissues and blood vessels. Overpumping may also cause mild bleeding which will happen under the penis skin surface. As a result, you will notice red spots on the member.
The use the manhood pump may lead to the necessity to plan sex. And sex life becomes nonspontaneous. Due to this, some users and their partners note that they feel embarrassment and disappointment which makes sexual activity less satisfactory. Also, the men tell that the pumping may lead to non-uniform erections. It means that the erection is not equally solid through the whole penis length.
Also, it’s crucial to remind that the men who must use the blood thinners are much more prone to internal bleeding within the course of pumping. These men should display vigilance when using the penis pumps, even the best ones.
In addition, availability of blood disorders should be a precaution for you if you want to apply the pumping devices. Otherwise, there is a high probability of blood clots and bleeding.
So, if you carefully follow the user guidelines and consider the medical conditions which make the pumping undesirable, the manhood pumps will bring you only benefits instead of health problems.

Why Seeking for the Doctor’s Advice

The visit to your healthcare provider is a very reasonable decision if you are looking for the most reliable penis pumps and want to avoid the development of any health issues. If you have an intention to buy one of such devices, tell your doctor about this. The medical expert’s recommendation will help you become an owner of the device which got the approval from the FDA.
If you can’t find a pharmacy or a store which sells the top-notch penis pumps, you may ask your healthcare practitioner for advice. And your urologist will recommend you the pharmacies which can offer the most advanced pumping devices backed with the approval from FDA. If you purchase such a device, you will protect yourself from the unpleasant and unsafe effects which may accompany the use of pumps of poor quality from the unknown manufacturers.