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Vitamin B Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

To ensure that the male reproductive system functions faultlessly, it’s reasonable to try curing erectile dysfunction with vitamin B intake.
Each man’s health, including sexual potency, depends on the amount of nutrients which a particular man consumes. And B vitamins are among the essential nutrients which normalize the human vital activity and increase the ability to have satisfying sex.

Especially it’s necessary to pay attention to the intake of these vitamins if the other disorders that can worsen sexual health are not diagnosed. Vitamins for potency are irreplaceable since they boost not ronly sexual drive, but also the ability to conceive a healthy baby.

Vitamin B6 for Bright Orgasms

Vitamin B6 is the group name for three pyrimidine derivatives, such as pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine which are closely related and act simultaneously. These three compounds are very significant for the whole-body health since in the human body they are converted into a biologically active form of vitamin B6.

Pyridoxamine is the most powerful and rare compound among the abovementioned ones.

Pyridoxamine can be an extremely efficient weapon to fight your problems in sex life. Besides, if you’ve already forgotten about the ability to achieve bright orgasms, than vitamin B6 is what you need. Note that it also enhances the production and regulates the prostate gland and testes.

Moreover, pyridoxine takes part in the synthesis of serotonin, a so-called happiness hormone, and ensures normal nervous system functioning.

Vitamin B6 deficiency leads to irritability, numbness in the extremities, muscle weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, impaired mental activity, peripheral neuritis, seborrheic dermatitis, stomatitis, conjunctivitis, and, of course, impairment of sexual potency. Lack of this vitamin can be a result of long-term use of anti-tuberculosis drugs and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Vitamin B6 is found in foods of animal origin, such as eggs, liver, kidneys, heart, beef, milk, and dairy products. In addition, green pepper, cabbage, carrots, melon, honey, nuts, oatmeal porridge, and buckwheat porridge are also rich in Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) for Strong Erections

Vitamin B3 or Niacin is available in 3 forms, such as nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, and inositol hexaniacinate.

Nicotinic acid promotes higher levels of brain functioning and helps prevent impotence. Partially, erectile dysfunction arises because of poor blood circulation.

Moreover, the study showed that the daily dose of vitamin B3 improves erectile function in men with high blood cholesterol levels.

The results indicate that 80 men with moderate to severe ED at the beginning of the study reported an obvious improvement in achieving and maintaining an erection after taking vitamin B3.

At the same time, at the beginning of the study, the other 80 men with mild ED who have taken placebo pills noticed no change in the symptoms. It’s also worth noting that at the beginning, all 160 men suffering from impotence had high blood cholesterol levels.

Lack of vitamin B3 causes depression, apathy, fatigue, burning sensation in the feet, digestive disorders (constipation and diarrhea), respiratory infections, and low blood pressure.

The foods highest in Vitamin B3 are cereals, coarse bread, beans, by-products (liver, kidneys, and heart), meat, fish, yeast, and dried mushrooms.

Vitamin B12: Natural ED Treatment and Healthy Sperm

Vitamin B12 performs many important functions in the human body.

It promotes the formation of red blood cells, enhances cellular metabolism, supports brain function, improves sexual function in men, and contributes to the healthy sperm production. This is because vitamin B12 is required for the formation and duplication of DNA which, in turn, is responsible for the healthy sperm production. And vitamin B12 deficiency affects genetic material the sperm carries.

The studies show that the lack of this vitamin is actually a common issue for both developed and developing countries.

To a large extent, the reason is poor nutrition, that is, a high consumption of food subjected to intense heat.

It was proved that the vitamin B12 injections help improve male fertility due to the increase in sperm count. Thus, the study showed that the number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate can be increased to more than 100 million per ml if men get 1000 mcg injections of vitamin B12 on a daily basis.

Before that, the number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate was less than 20 million per ml. And such an amount is below the normal level which can lead to male infertility.

Everybody knows that erectile dysfunction may occur for a number of different reasons. And in some cases, it may be due to the lack of vitamin B12. Thus, if a man doesn’t get enough vitamin B12 for a long time, it may result in the penile nerves damage. Consequently, there will be no erection.

In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency can become an indirect cause of inability to conceive. If a man complains of impaired sexual function, it’s necessary to test vitamin B12 levels during the ordinary medical check-up.

Besides, it’s possible to heal erectile dysfunction with vitamin B12 to protect the penile nerves and stimulate blood circulation. In such a way, you will maintain a healthy, long-lasting erection. And one more pleasant additional bonus that the intake of this vitamin gives you is the increased sexual drive.

Vitamin B12 can be found only in the products of animal origin. That is, the greatest amount of this vitamin is available in by-products (liver, kidneys, and heart). The other vitamin B12 rich foods include cheese, seafood (crabs, salmon fish, and sardines), meat, and poultry. Vitamin B12 deficiency declares itself by diarrhea, decreased appetite, tingling tongue, burning tongue, low stomach acid, altered skin sensation, and impairment of sensation in the extremity muscles.

Vitamin B2 for Sexual Energy

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) takes an active part in the production of certain hormones and erythrocytes and in the synthesis of ATP, a so-called life fuel. In addition, it protects the human retina from excessive exposure to UV radiation, ensures the dark adaptation of the human eye, increases visual acuity and perception of colour and light. Riboflavin is needed for tissue growth and tissue regeneration.

Moreover, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, liver, skin, and mucous membranes, as well as keeps skin, nails, and hair healthy. And of course, what is important for men, erectile dysfunction treatment with vitamin B2 relieves symptoms of the most hateful male disease. Moreover, this vitamin is well-known as a supplier of sexual energy and vitality.

Besides, if the vitamin B2 status is low, the negative changes occur in the capillaries. It means that penile vascular tone also decreases and blood flow worsens.

Consequently, this negatively affects sexual function. Finally, if you frequently suffer from stress, then Vitamin B2 deficiency surely takes place. And the symptoms of this deficiency include peeling lips, cracked lips, stomatitis, tongue inflammation, skin lesions resembling eczema, conjunctivitis, photophobia, lacrimation, and decrement in visual acuity.

The products of animal origin, such as eggs, meat, liver, kidneys, fish, dairy products, cheese, as well as leafy green vegetables (especially broccoli and spinach) and yeast are rich in vitamin B2.

Folic Acid for Healthy Sperm Production

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) is needed for the B vitamins absorption. And vitamin B9 is especially important for vitamin B5 absorption.

Folic acid is very crucial for men since it stimulates the sperm production and improves the function of the cardiovascular system. And this, in turn, contributes to the improvement of sexual function in men. Therefore, if you use vitamin B9 for erectile dysfunction treatment, you will improve your male potency as well.

Low vitamin B9 status leads to intestinal disorders, dermatitis, liver dysfunction, and dry bright red tongue. Folic acid is found in leafy dark green vegetables (salad, spinach, parsley, and green onion), yellow onion, carrots, brewers’ yeast, cauliflower, melon, apricots, beans, avocado, egg yolk, liver, kidneys, and mushrooms.

In the human body, folic acid interacts with vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B7 (also called vitamin H or biotin). The signs of biotin deficiency can be hair loss, skin inflammation, skin pallor, mucous membrane inflammation, depression, drowsiness, anemia, blood sugar disorders, muscle pain, poor appetite, nausea, and insomnia. Besides, a person feels tired, irritable and depressed. Consequently, male libido and sexual activity reduce. In turn, this negatively affects sexual performance.

Vitamin H is found in a huge number of foods. Thus, the products of animal origin, such as pork liver, beef liver, kidneys, and egg yolks contain the greatest amount of this vitamin. As for the foods of plant origin, Vitamin B7 rich ones include tomatoes, soybeans, brown rice, rice bran, wheat flour, cauliflower, apples, and oranges.

Vitamin B1 for Libido Increase

Vitamin B1 is directly involved in the synthesis of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Most often, you can find this vitamin on sale under the name of thiamine hydrochloride. It helps cope with thyroid function abnormality and hence with a decrease in male libido.

Therefore, vitamin B1 as erectile dysfunction remedy will help you increase your libido substantially.

Hypovitaminosis may occur due to adherence to a monotonous diet that implies refined grain products’ eating; excessive consumption of carbohydrates and proteins; chronic alcoholism; abuse of beer; sufficient and long-term consumption of raw fish (carp and herring); heavy physical work and nervous tension; exposure to heat or cold; chronic bowel disorders; diabetes; and thyrotoxicosis. The symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency include decreased appetite, nausea, constipation, headaches, irritability, memory loss, peripheral polyneuritis, tachycardia, labored breathing, precordialgia, and muscle weakness.

There are the following vitamin B1 rich foods: dry yeast, peas, beans, grains, walnuts, peanuts, liver, beef kidneys, heart, egg yolk, milk, buckwheat porridge, whole meal bread, yogurt, and bran.

Pantothenic Acid for High Testosterone Production

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) is irreplaceable if you wish to increase life expectancy. Vitamin B5 has a positive impact on the nervous system and intestinal motility. Calcium pantothenate is a form of vitamin B5 that has a powerful anabolic effect, enhances the synthesis of steroid hormones, and takes part in the synthesis of coenzyme A. In addition, calcium pantothenate helps release energy from foods. So, to a large extent, it improves your body’s endurance and stamina, as well as increases human tolerance to different loads.

Pantothenic acid plays an important role in the carbohydrate and fat metabolism and in the synthesis of certain hormones, in particular, testosterone.

Besides, vitamin B5 gives a boost to sexual drive, enhances sexual arousal, activates microcirculation in the small pelvis organs, stimulates an erection, and beneficially influences the sperm count. As you can see, vitamin B5 is extremely significant for men’s health.

Typical signs of pantothenic acid deficiency are canities, alopecia, abnormal thickening of skin, asthenia, gastrointestinal tract disorders, irritability, and fatigue.

The best natural sources of vitamin B5 are liver, kidneys, meat, heart, eggs, green vegetables, brewers’ yeast, seeds, and nuts. However, keep in mind that canning, freezing, and other methods of industrial food processing easily destroy pantothenic acid. Therefore, only unprocessed foods can provide you with vitamin B5.

Vitamin B Complex for ED

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get all the essential nutrients, including B vitamins, in sufficient amounts with food. However, it’s still possible to compensate deficiency of these vitamins due to adequate supplementation.

Now you know what B vitamins are and which their role in the functioning of the human body is. And undoubtedly, the most important news is that these vitamins can support male libido and cure erectile dysfunction. So, take advantage of vitamin B complex for impotence treatment without any delay!

The history of Sildenafil

Sildenafil has come a long way to being the most popular medication sold online and the first medication to be actually approved by the FDA. Of course, everyone knows it by its brand name Viagra, but when speaking of Sildenafil it’s actually the same thing. Today there are millions of packages sold worldwide and hundreds of millions of men using this medication. One of its main advantages is its ability to address erectile dysfunction of virtually all grades of severity, from mild to severe and chronic. There are numerous stories about men who haven’t had an erection for years and got a perfect hard-on right after the first use of Sildenafil. So it’s quite easy to understand why it has become the most sought-after ED medication on the market. In this perspective, the story of Sildenafil looks even more intriguing and entertaining, as it combines surprise, disappointment and astonishment, which makes it rather similar to the Ugly Duckling fairytale.

During the late 1980’s and 1990’s the Pfizer corporation was conducting research on a new drug that would be an effective treatment for pulmonary hypertension. This serious health condition was a serious problem at that time, since there were only a few expensive drugs able to address such a complex issue, which was often associated with even more serious health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Years of studies, research and development went into creating this drug and by the mid 1990’s they have finally resulted in Sildenafil. The drug looked very promising on paper but it had to go through extensive laboratory and clinical studies. And this is exactly where the most interesting and unforeseen properties of the drug were discovered.

The clinical trials went on as planned, involving several hundred test subjects undergoing pulmonary hypertension treatment in one of the US clinics. But in the end, the results were rather disappointing, as male enhancement pills showed only a marginal decrease in the pulmonary blood pressure, which was far from being suitable to market the drug. The researchers were devastated, since this meant that millions of dollars were spent in vain. However, certain events have turned the outcome upside down and turned the tables for the Pfizer corporation. The trials involved a number of patients who were suffering from various degrees of erectile dysfunction, which was mostly undocumented. Yet, when the patients have started taking Sildenafil, they’ve observed a dramatic improvement in their erectile function, which was a rather surprising and pleasant side effect. In fact, the results were so impressive that one of the patients, realizing that the tests are over, went on to break into the storage room and attempt to steal a batch of Sildenafil. Needless to say, the researchers have instantly realized the incredible potential of the new drug, knowing that there was no effective medication for treating erectile dysfunction at that time. So the drug was rapidly reoriented for a completely different purpose and new studies ensued, confirming that Sildenafil was actually very first medication able to eliminate erectile dysfunction in men.

The result of the new studies and trials was the approval by the FDA in 1998 of the very first medication used for treating erectile dysfunction. Still, it was very hard to predict the incredible commercial success of the new drug that followed.

The Pfizer corporation did a great job at pitching the drug through all types of media, not hiding its true purpose and being rather explicit about it. As a result, Sildenafil earned the corporation over a billion dollars in its first year on the market, with all the following years bringing in revenues of between one and two billion dollars. To say that it was a commercial triumph would be an understatement.

Today, 15 years after the first samples of penis pumps were sold, it still remains to be the most popular ED pills in the world. It is available in numerous generic variations, which vary in price, name and sometimes quality. But the simple fact that Sildenafil is still used by millions of men all over the globe is more than enough to say that its story is a story of surprising success that has changed the world as we know it.

Jim H.

Jim has been working on erectile dysfunction treatment since 2002.