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Cordyceps Sinensis: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Increasing Libido

What is a cordyceps?

It’s a fungus that grows in Himalayas. It has extremely high concentrations of nutrients and specific bioactive components. According to Tibetan healers, cordyceps cures everything from headaches to infertility and erectile dysfunction.

It’s known for its incredible ability to increase potency.

The Magic Mushroom Comes to Your Rescue

The legend goes that it was goat herders, who discovered cordyceps first, when they noticed that their goats were eating the cordyceps as they grew and becoming more virile, stronger, and generally healthier.

It came to the spotlight, when it was used by the Chinese women’s Olympic long-distance running team. In early 1990s, they broke all the records.

Everyone accused them of using steroids. But, long story short, the coach of the team told the truth that they were actually consuming cordyceps. Since that time, it has become popular all over the world.


  • The mushroom includes more than 80 types of enzymes, 77 macro and micro elements, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, and almost all of the types of essential amino acids.
  • Unique ingredients of cordyceps influence the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, stimulating secretion of hormones, and regulating biochemical processes in the body.
  • In addition, it shows direct and potent antioxidant activities. The mushroom contains coenzyme Q10, which is the powerful antioxidant. So, it has a therapeutic effect in various diseases, such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain issues.
  • Cordyceps has a beneficial effect on the nervous, endocrine, respiratory, and sexual system.
  • It also possesses antiarrhythmic and hypotensive activity, lowers cholesterol, improves microcirculation, and prevents thrombosis.
  • The total healing effect of the fungus prevents aging.

When scientists started making their research, they found that it potentially does have tons of bioactive agents and antioxidants. That’s why it is really good for your general health.

Studies on Cordyceps Effects on Sexual Function in Men

There is strong scientific evidence that Cordyceps has a significant influence on male sexual function. Let’s figure out how.

Thus, one study conducted in male rats has proven that this fungus when included in rats’ daily diet for 6 weeks can substantially boost male fertility.

In particular, daily Cordyceps supplementation results in the improvement of sperm quantity and quality in male rats comparing to the control group. In addition to the sperm production enhancement, the supplement also leads to the increase in serum testosterone levels and sperm motility.1

It means that men can use Cordyceps supplements to improve both sexual and reproductive health.

Another study that involved male mice has also shown that Cordyceps can stimulate natural testosterone production.

Significant improvement in T levels in male mice demonstrates a great potential of Cordyceps for testosterone deficiency treatment in men. That’s why this fungus can be an excellent alternative cure for men with low T levels.2

Furthermore, the study in rats has demonstrated vasohypotonic effects of Cordyceps. The matter is that it has an ability to lower high blood pressure and widen blood vessels.

Also, it enhances the nitric oxide release.4

These properties of the fungus are extremely important for impotence treatment. That’s why it’s possible to use Cordyceps as the main active ingredient in natural ED pills or as a part of multicomponent formula.

Can Cordyceps Sinensis Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

As you know, modern pharmaceutical companies produce ED drugs that are considered to stimulate sexual activity. They are usually expected to be “a unique cocktail” of all known aphrodisiacs, but in fact, they give the desired, but very short-term effect. It must be taken into account that most of them are addictive.

It has been discovered that cordyceps is able to increase sex drive. It’s worth noting that unlike ED pills, this type of fungus doesn’t have a depressive effect on the male body, and is not addictive. At the same time, it’s really effective.

  • Natural cordyceps sinensis extract improves brain function, specifically in the areas responsible for sexual desire, activating the processes of the reproductive system.
  • It increases libido, and affects the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • The cordyceps extract affects the sex glands, stimulating their secretion. This is a natural way to balance your hormones, giving the opportunity to feel younger.
  • It raises testosterone, which is the primary male sex hormone, and lowers cortisol. The testosterone-cortisol ratio in your blood is one of the most important indicators of male health.

And cordyceps can raise your testosterone quite effectively, which should explain why in traditional Chinese medicine it is used to raise virility in men.

One study showed that 64% of volunteers, taking cordyceps, had bigger and better erections. Besides, numerous scientific studies, published by contemporary authors in prestigious scientific journals, showed that as a result of taking cordyceps, the level of sperm pathology is reduced by 29%. It also increases the amount of sperm by 33%, enhancing their viability by 79%.

Sildenafil and priapism

One of the things that all men dream of with regards to sex is having a rock-hard erection that lasts for hours and never fails to impress the partner. But when such dreams come true they aren’t as pleasant and impressive as you would imagine. There’s even a medical condition describing such cases, called priapism. And it turns out that it’s more likely to deal with it if you’re using male enhancement pills like sildenafil. Priapism can be a major problem and requires immediate medical assistance from a professional healthcare provider. Sure, you may think that it’s not a bad thing to deal with but once you learn more about the condition you will definitely change your mind.

What is priapism?

Priapism is a medical condition characterized by a permanent erection that doesn’t fade away after orgasm and ejaculation for a period of at least several hours. In contrast to normal erection, priapism doesn’t involve any physical or psychological stimulation and usually takes place automatically without the patient willing to obtain it. While this may seem like not much of a problem, it actually is, because the condition is often associated with painful sensations and exhibits a very high risk of thrombosis if not addressed in a timely manner. This in turn may lead to permanent damage of the blood vessels inside the penis, which will result in partial or complete erectile dysfunction, or even gangrene of the penis in very few cases (that will require amputation). Doesn’t sound like fun, right?

What are the causes of priapism?

The causes of priapism are poorly studied while the mechanism behind it is generally characterized as being a complex mix of neurological, cardiovascular and other factors. Priapism may occur as a side effect to certain medications, most notably Sildenafil, certain antidepressants and antipsychotics. It may also occur in patients with blood problems such as sickle-cell disease, or in patients with spinal cord disorders. The latter is a rather common occurrence among people with serious spine trauma, especially in the neck – a mechanism that also triggers post-mortem erections in individuals who have suffered fatal injuries to the head or neck or who were hanged.

How ED drugs affect the condition?

While certain ED medications have actually been observed to trigger priapism in a very small number of cases, doctors actually see popular PDE-5 inhibitors such as sildenafil as an effective preventive measure for priapism when it occurs on a regular basis. However, it’s up to the doctor to decide whether sildenafil or any other ED drugs can be used for minimizing the risk of this unpleasant condition, especially if there was a history of penis pumps induced instance of priapism. However, there’s a good recommendation doctors have with regards to using ED drugs: respect the prescribed dosage all the time and don’t try using these medications without your doctor’s consent, especially if you had painful long-lasting erections before.

How you should deal with it?

As unpleasant as it may sound, the first thing to do if you have priapism is to seek medical assistance immediately. Because the condition will cause serious damage to the penile tissue over time, the earlier you get proper help the lower is the risk of having complications. Depending on the actual factors that have caused the problem doctors may choose between pharmacological and surgical intervention, so this procedure may actually be very unpleasant. However, bear in mind that leaving it as it is and hoping that it will wear off on its own is a huge mistake that you may regret for the rest of your life. So call a doctor immediately once you realize that you’re dealing with an instance of priapism.

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