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The Best Hard On Pills That Work in 2019

The best natural hard on pills use a mixture of science-backed herbs and minerals to help cure erectile dysfunction by boosting the blood flow to your penis.

Best Boner Pills

When a man can’t be sexually active to the desired extent, mental health issues can arise or be compounded.

Indeed, it’s difficult to find a man who can stand the thought of erectile weakness.

But is there any way to change the situation for the better, to help men enjoy their sex lives again?

It’s actually worth noting that a strong erection is impossible without the well-coordinated work of the cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems.

The negative effects of disruptive psychological factors should also be eliminated, says James Cherry, M.D., specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment.

These best hard on pills were invented to meet all these conditions, contributing to erection firmness, longer-lasting erections, libido enhancement, and the improvement of overall sexual function.

#1: Viasil

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Viasil is a natural product that is even considered a natural Viagra.

There are herbal extracts and important natural active ingredients in its formula.

These male enhancement pills consist of the highly potent active substances, such as Ginseng Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Citrus Sinensis, Horny goat weed and Pomegranate.

The two latter active substances are the most crucial ones which actually widen the penile blood vessels.

The rest of the ingredients have a positive influence on the sex drive and overall well-being of men.

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#2: Male Extra

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Male Extra is a male potency restoring product which took one of the leading places in the list of the best natural hard on pills.

This innovative supplement improves both erection quality and sex drive.

This product promotes nitric oxide synthesis required for satisfactory penile blood circulation.

In its turn, the improved blood circulation is a mandatory condition for firm erections.

The supplement also gradually enhances male sexual health in a fully natural way, says Dr. James Cherry.

That’s why it provides the customers with the long-lasting therapeutic benefits. There is no risk to face side effects.

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#3: ProSolution

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ProSolution Pills is a quite versatile product.

The natural hard on pills rebuild sexual function, enhance libido, and boost sperm characteristics.

ProSolution acts by mildly and stably activating nitric oxide synthesis and, therefore, dilating blood vessels. Natural hard on pills cause enhancement of penile blood supply.

As a result, the quality of erections substantially improves.

The herbal extracts inside the supplement are also highly beneficial for male sex drive.

ProSolution boner pills don’t give immediate results. It’s necessary to wait several weeks before feeling the first results.

But hard on pills gradually cure erectile dysfunction in a healthy way instead of providing short-term effects.

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#4: VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a cutting-edge hard on pill invented to naturally supercharge your libido, erectile function, and overall bedroom performance due to the effects of 10 all-natural powerful erectile boosters, aphrodisiac agents, and other herbal components.

The effects of the pill active substances are focused on the stimulation of nitric oxide production. The high levels of this naturally-occurring chemical contribute to the relaxation of smooth muscles in the manhood arteries and corpus cavernosa tissues. This enhances blood supply to the genitals.

And the men are finally able to experience substantially harder erections and the increase in erection size.

Also, erection pills are packed with the non-artificial ingredients which activate testosterone synthesis in the body and augment libido in men.

These ingredients are successfully used for the revival of male sexual potency since the ancient times. That’s why you can be sure they will effectively cope with the task of maximizing your sexual potential.



Are there any adverse effects of using male enhancement products?

High-quality male enhancement pills are comprised of reliable natural ingredients which underwent clinical trials. If you select the pills from the well-known manufacturers who take care of their customers, you will not have any problems when taking natural boner pills.

The likelihood of any adverse effects is minimal if you take hard on pills from the trustworthy manufacturer. To completely eliminate the risk of adverse effects, it’s necessary to strictly follow the user instructions provided by the manufacturer, as well as to thoroughly check your health before supplementation.

What is the safest drug for erectile dysfunction?

If safety is your priority when addressing the challenge of erectile dysfunction, Viasil is the rightest option for you.

On the contrary to synthetic drugs, this boner pill consists of completely natural ingredients.

All these ingredients are thoroughly tested. That’s why their high efficacy and safety of this pill formula is scientifically supported.


If you are not sexually aroused but at the same time have the erection, the duration of which exceeds 4 hours, you should immediately seek medical help. This medical condition is known under the name of priapism.

This happens because too much blood stays in the penis. And the blood is not able to leave the penis.

If you don’t tackle the priapism issue timely, this may cause permanent impairment of erectile function.

You should also instantly visit a healthcare provider if you have:

  • penile pain
  • genital rash
  • stethalgia
  • loss of consciousness
  • burning and/or itching sensation during urination

If after the intake of Viagra within the past 24 hours and Cialis within the past 48 hours you suffer from stethalgia, nitroglycerin is contraindicative to you. In this case, you need emergency medical care.

And you should inform the doctor which ED drug you used.

Impairment of Vision

You have to immediately cease using these erection pills and consult the healthcare professional if you experience visual disturbance.

After the intake of these medications, nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) may develop in a very small number of men.

This disorder develops when the optic nerve is exposed to acute ischemic damage. As a result, the men suddenly lose vision. The risk to suffer from this medical condition dramatically increases if you:

  • are over 50 years old;
  • are a smoker;
  • have hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular diseases;
  • already have some vision problems;

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What Are the Storage Rules for These Drugs?

It’s necessary to store the drugs in the original packaging. Make them inaccessible for kids. Don’t store the drugs in the kitchen and in the bathroom since high temperature and humidity negatively affect the drugs. Never use them after the expiration date.

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Medical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction. Many of them are medically related. Sometimes it is a primary symptom while other times it is a secondary symptom.
In any case, here is a brief list of the various medical conditions that sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction. They are as follows:

Nervous conditions

Impotence problems often occur because nerve impulses to a man’s sexual organ are interrupted. This is especially the case when a man suffers a spinal or brain injury. However, it could also be the result of Parkinson’s Disease or Alzheimer’s. Men who have multiple sclerosis also may have a problem “getting it up.”

Diabetes-This condition can make a man chronically fatigued at the very least. At the most his blood is unable to produce insulin and he will usually experience circulatory and nerve problems. This is one main reason why men with diabetes often suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Cancer (and Treatments of)

Sometimes it is the cancer itself that might affect a man. This is especially true if he has cancer of the colon, prostate bladder, or rectum. However, it often is the treatments such as radiate or chemotherapy that can cause a problem. The recovery period after certain types of cancer are cured could take months, and during this time a man could be impotent.

Heart and cardiovascular problems

If a man has any problem at all related to heart or cardiovascular problems it can cause erectile dysfunction. This is because any condition such as heart disease that interrupts normal blood flow can cause a man to not get an erection. He might even lose interest in sex altogether for a time.

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Other ED Treatment Options

The men who want to combat the issue of weak erections can take advantage of not only oral hard on pills of both natural and synthetic origin. There is a range of the other options which the man can combine with the intake of high-quality pills:

  • Penile Implants: The invasive procedure is required in order to insert a penile implant into the manhood. The implants typically consist of a prosthetic rod. A saline solution fills the implant. This solution is available in the inflatable cylinders located in the manhood erection chambers. Though the use of top-notch implants can really lead to the occurrence of naturally-looking solid erections, it may be painful and cause the impediment of daily activities for quite a long time. Also, as opposed to hard on pills, the implants’ use if fraught with a high probability of infection and other complications.
  • Penile Injections and Suppositories: There are the suppositories which are small and can dissolve after putting into the manhood head. And when the suppository actually dissolves, the man has a chance to attain a hard erection. The medication can be also not in the form of suppository, but in the form of an injectable solution. And the man has to self-inject this solution to get a firm erection. But penile injections cause many unpleasant, dangerous side effects which outweigh the benefits of this treatment method.
  • Penis Pumps: The devices which are called penis pumps imply the generation of vacuum force. This force is applied in order to make the flaccid penis erect. And the satisfactory erections emerge under the influence of safe pumping. Penis pump help the men avoid the adverse reactions associated with the intake of prescription hard pills and the application of surgical methods.

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